24 April 2007

Dirt, Dirt, Beautiful Dirt

While I finished my portfolio yesterday, the girls played outside forever. They had to take two baths, that's how much dirt there was and I am seriously considering not taking a shower today because I was too lazy to wash out the tub after that last one.

I had to spend most of the day working on this portfolio for school, and I know Lisa is going to make fun of me, but it looks really nice. She tells me all the time that I'm an overachiever and a perfectionist. This isn't even for a graded assignment, but the way I see it, when I get it back I'll have a collection of my work from MCLA all in one place. It's worth it.

It was beautiful here yesterday, sun, a breeze, lemonade. A perfect day and not only that, but the second perfect day in a row.

On Sunday we went to the Hancock Shaker Village with Tim and Andrea. It was the last day to see the baby animals. The pictures from this adventure (which included Shaker costumes) are posted here.

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Jennifer said...

I just love perfect days like those!

Thanks for the kind comment yesterday! It was much appreciated!