29 April 2007

the Disney Princess collection, ad infinitum

Some of you know that I have serious issues with the Disney Princess Take Over Phenomenon. Having spent far too much time obsessing about it, I thought I'd share some of my findings with the rest of you. To give you an idea of how things are in my house, you should know that if I give the prompt "Disney is..." my daughters reply, "evil."

Here is my favorite Disney Princess spoof: Off-Duty Disney Princesses (the play) by Jennifer Mattern (Breed 'Em and Weep).

And here is Jenn's recent post on Wonderland which makes reference to this article, (that I read this past winter and loved) among others.

I feel like she is a kindred spirit in the battle to keep Disney Princesses from completely taking over the lives of our children. They may be intelligent, innovative and rebellious girls, but are they really any match for a huge evil money-making machine that must harness their little girl power to keep the cash flowing?

This is a little disturbing: Disney turns to primping princess brides. Okay, more than just a little.

Disney Princesses have come up more than once in class discussions. I am shocked every single time the girls I sit next to in class proudly exclaim that the walls of their dorm rooms are plastered with Disney Princesses pictures. It creeps me out.

And just for fun, from the 2005 Comic Con in San Diego, the Disney Princesses sing "I'm a Disney Girl" to the tune of (you guessed it) "I'm a Barbie Girl." Disney AND Barbie? You can't go wrong. (Sorry about the quality, it's pretty bad.)


Heather said...

utterly hysterical nell....saving the selves of pre-adolesent girls one at a time.

Andrea said...

STOP Aladdin Time!

i love it, Eamon does too. And now i have a whole posts worth of material about where he went on you tube from there.