21 April 2007

Feeding My List Habit

Most of the lists that I make look like this:
cat food
etc. Or like this:
finish research project outline
do 3 loads laundry (before lunch)
clean desk
feed the children

But just for fun the other day, after spending Way Too Much Time Online (Again) and inspired by the many 100 Things About Me lists out there, I added this page to my site: 101 Lists

There are only ten so far, which is why I need your help. Clearly my ambitions of creating 101 lists were far too high, but I am confident that with your help I will be able to add even more banal, overtly personal details, and/or biased opinions to the world wide web.

I know it's silly, but after my last post I felt the need to lighten things up a little bit. I made the page a few weeks ago and was waiting to add it with the intention of making a web form through which anyone at all can add their own list to my list of lists, but I'm lazy and I got tired of waiting. So, eventually there will be a Make Your Own List element to the page, but for now, I just need some more ideas.

Thanks y'all!


Csara said...

sorry for the shameless plug, but on FridayFifteen.com, I have a huge list of lists to use as ideas for the Friday Fifteen meme. I bet you will find some interesting ones there. HTH :)

Nell said...

thanks csara!