25 April 2007

I’m not a girl who plays.


Freya walks up to Steve holding a little Yoda toy.

F: What’s this guy’s name?
S: Yoda.
F: Why?
S: Because that’s what George Lucas named him.
F: Who’s George Lucas?
S: The guy who made the Star Wars movies.

Freya nods knowingly, and, apparently satisfied, exits stage left.


Nell and Steve are having a "discussion" about division of household labor and whether one of them is "in charge" or whether she just feels that way most of the time.

Freya wanders into the room looking cranky.

N: Freya, please go upstairs with Matilda, Mommy and Daddy are talking.
F: I don't wanna.
S: Freya, you need to go upstairs and play.
F: (evil stare) I’m not a girl who plays.

Fade to black.


After dinner, time for pajamas.

N: Freya, come here.
F: (trotting in from stage right.) Yes, Nellie, Nellie, Nellie Nell, what is it?
N: It's time for pajamas.
F: I need my little Mater* Darling.
N: Where is he?
F: He’s hiding in the TV.
N: Show me.

Freya points to the VCR from which Mater is extracted after some careful maneuvering.

F: (hugging the small plastic truck tight to her chest with her eyes closed) Oh! My Darling!


* A note for those who might not know, Mater is a character from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. The car in question was originally from some kind of kid's meal; it was then donated to our local thrift shop where we bought it for a quarter. It is two inches long and all of the markings have worn off. It most closely resembles a small brown potato that has been grown in a matchbox.

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