15 April 2007

Mommy, did you make that noise when you had us?

Spanking Head had her kittens last night (yes, her name is really Spanking Head) while Matilda and Freya and I watched with flashlights and a camera.
This is baby number three, who Spanky is licking in this picture, but then ignored for long enough that I rubbed it down with a towel and then gave it back to her. It found a boob and was fine after that.
We got to watch her eat the placenta of baby number three, just gobbled it right up while the baby lay there in his/her slimy little sack.
This is a picture of Matilda imitating the moment of birth when Spanky emitted a loud yowl.
It is hard to tell how many there are here, there are eventually four, but I think the last one is still inside.
The first three were all black, but the last one looks like Spanky.
I promise not to inundate you all with kitten pictures, but the birth was just too cool, especially the slime and the placenta.


Annika said...

That is so freakin' cool.

it's me, Val said...

So neat. I grew up on a farm and saw this as a little girl all of the time. What an extraordinary moment in a child's life. I remember those times like it was yesterday. Thanks for taking me down memory lane. I love the picture of mommy with her babies. She looks so happy and peaceful. :)