06 April 2007

Sprialing Out of Control, But In a Good Way

I spent all day on my computer, researching things that seemed so unreal that they might just not even exist: Ivy League Graduate Programs. Schools so famous that I have to say their names in hushed tones: Brown, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, UC Berkeley and Stanford.

The girls played upstairs all day by themselves and I ignored them to chase my new dream that is getting into a really, really good PhD program. This only backfired once:

Which is pretty amazing. I was totally glued to my screen, and they were completely unsupervised for hours. Why Matilda felt that she needed dark blue circles all around her eye sockets I don't know. She just looked at me when I asked and then shrugged her shoulders in a way that I think I will have to get used to if I am going to make it through the teenage years.

So, yeah, I have decided to take the year off (from school) do some free-lance work to pull those damn ends together, and apply to some really good schools. Everyone cross your fingers for me, and if anyone has tips on how to raise my GRE scores, all assistance is welcome.

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