09 May 2007

The First Day of The Rest of My Life

It's been a long time since the girls and I had a really good day together. All too often lately I get cranky or they fall apart, usually both, we have a very symbiotic relationship like that. But yesterday was one of the good ones. We took a picnic lunch to the park and played for over an hour. When we got home they drew me pictures and I washed the dishes that have been sitting in the sink for more days than I care to admit. I think perhaps my period of Total Sloth following the end of school is coming to an end. Thank God. Or whoever.

Today I will embark on my One Year Plan to transform myself into the ultimate Grad school applicant. Step One is to purchase and read Milton's Paradise Lost since out of six sample GRE English Literature Subject tests, it appeared 27 times.

I also should really work on writing something other than this blog.


Lauren 02143! said...

GRE = ewwww...

Stepherz said...

I love the picture! I'm glad you had a nice day together.