30 May 2007

A General Sense of Well-Being, With A Few Exceptions, But No More Than Usual

Except for the all too frequent moments like this, I have been feeling pretty good. Since my diagnosis a week ago, I have been diligently taking my antibiotics twice a day on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. I was hoping to feel like myself after the first dose, but it wasn't quite that fast. I seem to be pretty much recovered with only a lingering desire for an afternoon nap now, so I really can't complain.

And since the weather has been awesome (which I totally just jinxed by mentioning it) I will leave you this evening with the good kind of lime:

Please help yourself and go make a nice stiff summery drink to celebrate my health. Actually, make two and drink one for me since I'm not allowed any booze until the end of my three weeks of antibiotics. Bottoms up!


Andrea said...

There is a cheers and some wine (or maybe even a creamsicle) on the other side of those antibiotics!

Jennifer said...

Cheers to continuing to feel better and continued good weather for you!