25 May 2007

You (And By You, I Mean I) Have Waited Long Enough

I know I promised not to inundate you with posts about how cute the kittens are, but it's been weeks since I mentioned them, so here we are.

They are enormous now, practically cat-sized, and this is their new favorite place to sleep:

Which is fine with me, because it is the dirty laundry and not the clean laundry.

In addition to sleeping at irregular intervals they also like to scurry around when other people are sleeping, pee right next to the litter box, eat, and be tortured by the girls (I'm thinking this will be a big selling point when they are ready for new homes: Pre-Tortured Kittens! Free!).

As with most young animals, it's a good thing they're so damn cute. Otherwise, well, have I mentioned that we live right next to a river? Okay fine, I wouldn't really drown them. Mostly because Matilda would never forgive me. You should see the look I get for just kind of jokingly hinting that maybe I will kill one.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

So, the first thing Eden says to me this morning (before my eyes are even open) is, "Can we go to Nell's house?"

She LOVES them.