21 June 2007

My Evil Darling

Last night at bedtime, past bedtime, actually.

Freya: I'M! NOT! TIRED!

Me: The excess screaming and crying says otherwise dear.

Freya: I'M! NOT! TIRED!

I put her in her bed, sang her one short little song and it was all over.

This morning, she slept until 7:30, and then:

Me: Good morning, Freya.

Freya: I'm not tired anymore.

Me: No? That's good, did you sleep well?

Freya: Yeah, now I'm your evil darling.

Me: Ooh, how evil are we?

Freya: Super evil!

My super-evil darling, oh how I love you.


tem said...

I love Freya. She rules. Rules the world.

Steve said...

shes so evil that when nell asked her for a bite of her bagel freya said no, but when i asked her she said "yes"

Ewokmama said...

Love it!

Queen Heather said...

Evil is the new good.

She's funny!

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Oh my. She's got herself an imagination!

Annie said...

She rocks, that baby goddess of yours! What is going on in that too huge brain? I miss you and them.

Brillig said...

She sounds stinkin' hilarious! Such a big personality for such a little person!