03 June 2007

The Quiet (and not cleaning anything) Side of My Day

When it comes to craft projects, I really do best with the ones that get finished just minutes after I have started them. So these skirts worked out really well today, the first one (Freya's) was so fast that I actually had the patience to make a second one for Matilda:

I never use a pattern. This is because every time I have tried to sew something using a tissue paper cut out that I snag a bunch of times on nothing, rip, tape back together, then painstakingly pin along the edge of the fabric, I fuck it up. Always. Then it ends up in my closet and disappears forever. I think the squirrels eat my unfinished projects, I'm not sure.

Maybe there's a whole family of squirrels living in my closet (this is so not outside the realm of possibility, just so you know) who get really excited when pretty fabric gets shoved into through the baby's bedroom window. They all gather, nibble the corners, taste the leopard print together, and thank the spirits for blessing them with yet another pair of unfinished human sized pants.

Honestly, I don't really want to know. That's why I never use patterns anymore. There were too many damn squirrels.

Also, if there is no pattern, there can be no other-worldly standard of perfection. I have my own brand of perfection, I call it adaptability. I measure the fabric by holding it around the girl's waist and squinting. It might not be the most professional method, but it works for me.

Stay tuned for summer sundresses. Have I mentioned I have a thing for the little girl sundresses?


Jen said...

Those skirts are adorable! I envy your talent.

Queen Heather said...

I wanted to have little girls just so I'd have an excuse to sew.

The skirts are adorable!