23 June 2007

Um, Thanks, Freya. I Think.

Freya comes running into my room where I am hiding from everyone and reading blogs.

Freya: I won't tickle you, Mommy.

Me: Thanks.

Freya: And I won't put frogs in your belly.

Me: Thanks.

Freya throws herself at my legs and hugs them.

Freya: I love you! I don't want to kill you!


Absolutely Bananas said...

Actually you are really rather lucky. CJ would say those things, only without the "I won't"!

Jen said...

Sweet! And a little bit creepy!

Queen Heather said...

Thank god for nice people in the world who won't put frogs in your belly.

Brillig said...


tem said...

she didn't say anything about newts... which is to say, we have plans for you....