17 July 2007

Not as funny as you might think.

The Scene: Supermarket Checkout Line, 5:30 PM, Plenty of Tabloids, Many Other Customers

[Close Up on Grocery Total]

Me: [overly loud laughter, then, with only slightly exaggerated sense of relief] Oh good, I can afford to pay you, that's always good right? Right? Ha ha!

16-Year-Old Blond Girl (i.e. Cashier): [grimace. maybe an attempt at a smile, but more likely, a grimace] Uh, right.


Absolutely Bananas said...

You forgot the part where you hit her over the head with a rolled up tabloid and said, LET'S TRY THAT AGAIN AND THIS TIME I WANT YOU TO LAUGH LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

Cathy said...

AB's comment: Yeah, that!

Jenn said...

Because at 16 they don't yet realize that moms must find humor in EVERYTHING or we'll wind up in strait jackets.