24 July 2007

Please, I Wants to Understand...

This email arrived for me this morning:
when to use them, how
Hi. How do you do? Email me at htdci@imailmessage.info only. I am young female. I will show you some of my private pictures
a new academy reference report forever! of free play time, if you are interested in it.
Maybe one of you can help me, dear readers. What does it mean? It is clearly written in some kind of highly advanced code, full of nuances and hidden clues.

If only I had done more drugs as a teenager, perhaps this appeal would get through to me, but alas, the forever! reference report of my past, it is not so much with the free play time for the interested. I do not know when to use them how.


Absolutely Bananas said...

if you read. Do not be concerned with its everyday appearance. Playtime if good fun for all if you are a member.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I have get same emails from young females hot. Me not like. Also I win lottery every day. Where the money, tho?

Jenn said...

Some company wants make my penis bigger, better more satisfying for my woman! But I must call RIGHT AWAY!

I'm sure they are going to take away the large sum of cash I was recently promised by that well-to-do oil magnate in India.