05 August 2007

My Bi-Lingual (read genius) Children

Sunday in the car, driving to do laundry... ah, is there anything more eternal than laundry? Forget diamonds, laundry is forever. Sigh. I am so easily distracted.

Freya and Matilda are in the back seat, buckled into their car seats (see? I'm not totally irresponsible) and playing happily with their Polly Pockets (or mini-Barbies, if you will). Steve and I are eavesdropping from the front. When we're lucky, they forget we're listening, but if they catch us, they stop.
Matilda: Okay, now it is time for your Spanish lessons. Say mariposa.

Freya: Mariposa.

Matilda: It's Spanish for butterfly. Now say hola.
Steve and I exchange a glance - the brilliance of our darling off-spring has never been more evident.
Freya: Hola.

Matilda: That means hello in Spanish. Now say como es da?
Freya mumbles it. This time Matilda offers no translation, but barrels on with didactic enthusiasm.
Matilda: Now say alla su etti biscotti.

Freya mumbles: Aa set bisughta.

Matilda: Good. That means, the sauce is very good. Now say habb duku ana wetta.
And so it goes. Just when I think that my little angels have reached the height of their staggering potential, they invent their own languages, with an authority that I am sure would be the envy of any third grade teacher.


Brillig said...

hahaha. That's darling. I love it when I hear my kids talking with such authority--especially when what they're saying is ridiculous.

andi said...

Cute. Sounds like you have a future teacher on your hands.

Heather said...

That is SO smart! I'm in awe!