09 September 2007

Soap Opera Sunday: Episode Two – The Party or "Let Me Help You Shoot Him"

Previously, on Soap Opera Sunday: [Episode One]

N was excited. It was the middle of July and in just six weeks she was moving to Boston to become a real live college student at Emerson College. There were a few details that still needed to be worked out, like how she was going to pay the $30,000+ yearly tuition, but N was not concerned with details. She was excited! She would be living the dream – with friends, in a fabulous apartment complete with whirlpool tub and outdoor pool. (For real, yo.)

And of course, there was still the rest of the summer, during which N planned to have as much fun as possible. This of course included finding a nice boy to make out with spend time with. So N practiced her flirting skills and hung around until one fateful night, at a friend's birthday party.

The party was held at a local bar, and by local I mean really, really small town bar, like 300 people live close enough to hang out there. every night. N's friends had taken over the place, and there was a lot of drinking and laughing and yelling. They were a rowdy bunch. The pool table was lined with stacks of quarters and the jukebox was going all night long. Plus, someone brought water guns.

Somewhere close to midnight, N's friend A was making her second run at her older brother with a water gun. N knew all about brothers (she has three) and offered her assistance. He had already foiled A's attempts to drench him once, and N was determined that it should not happen again.

"Let me do it," she said, "He's your brother, he could just tackle you and take the gun away, but he doesn't even know me, it'll be great!"

A agreed and the two slunk around to the other side of the bar where her brother was drinking a beer.

"Go around that way," N whispered, "We have to sneak up."

A circled around, and N went for a frontal attack. But sadly, she had underestimated her foe. Not only was he super cute, but apparently, he wasn't afraid to tackle girls he'd never met. Within minutes he had taken the water gun and turned the tables on N. Soon she was soaked, and smitten.

Pushing her sodden hair off her face, she tried vainly to regain her composure. "Hi," she said, "I'm N."

"I know," he said, "I'm S."

N's eyes glittered with anticipation, and it wasn't just all the vodka she had been drinking: the next six weeks were looking better all the time.

Next Week: N turns stalker!
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Kateastrophe said...

OOOH! I like stories that contain smit! Can't wait for more!!

Thalia's Child said...

Sounds fun!!

I hate waiting a week for the next round of SOS!!!

Brillig said...

Aaakkkhhh!! I'm all twitterpated!!!! I can't wait for more. He sounds dreamy. (Yes, I just sighed. Honestly. LOVE IT!!!)

Fourier Analyst said...

What a hoot! Can't wait for the stalker part! Ain't SOS grand?!

soccer mom in denial said...

A water gun? Vodka? A CUTE BOY? Ack. I hate waiting....

Jen said...

Stalker? Are YOU going to become the soap opera, then? LOL... this is great and sounds like a fun night!

Cathy said...

Can't wait for part 2!

JenT said...

I'm tired so this comment is in list format.

* So, I already know the stories, but they are still way fun to read.

* S sounds dreamy. I bet he likes punk.

* I wish I had a soap opera-y life.

And, P.S. I never knew you went to Emerson.

Dedee said...

A guy that would tackle a complete stranger is worth the soap. Can't wait for next week!