18 December 2007

Calamity and Calculations

It is suitably ironic and a sign that I must have stayed away too long when the day after I return to blogging my poor darling laptop seems to suffered some sort of stroke.

Here's what the screen looked like this morning:

And now it looks like this:

And is showing no signs of remorse or even chagrin. I have done nothing but be loving and kind to my darling laptop, and this is how it repays me?

Lucky for me I live with a certified technophile and there are enough computers lying around the place that I will somehow muddle through until the arrival of my friend (and hero) on Thursday who will work his magic and make my baby better.

In the meantime I have a house to clean and Christmas gifts to make. The playroom is a total disaster since I simply do not have time to stand at the top of the stirs wearing Mommy's Look of Death for several hours as my children clean. Apparently this is what it takes because the moment I leave the room the whispering begins and when I return the toys that had been picked up while I was there have been artfully strewn about.

I know it would be faster, easier, and in general just much, much better if I did the whole damn thing myself. But sooner or later the children will figure out that if they stall for long enough, mommy will do their cleaning for them and I just can't bring myself to set that precedent.

Having promised you focus and introspection I find that now the best I can offer is my own focus: preparing for my very dear friends to arrive here in less than two days. In lieu of a traditional to-do list (you know how I love them) I offer you mathematics. Please let me know if your calculations yield any promising results.

square feet of living space: 932
square feet covered with toys: 56%
friends: 8
gifts still waiting to be made: 8
guest rooms: 0
air mattresses: 4
nights friends will be sleeping here: 2
nights without children of any kind: 1
yummy local wine bar: 1


Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Uhhh, math hurts my brain.

Queen of Shake-Shake

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

If they are good friends, the amount of space won't really matter! And I am just glad to see you back!

Steve said...

when you view your posts in the way that you see just one post and the accompanying comments, the comments are black text on a black background.

Ciaran said...

I know it may seem like I'm a little prejudiced when I say this but it's not true ^he predjudiced bit.

Seriously, I have, throughout my life, been a last-minute person - most often because I believe that is what works best when it comes to attempting to come up with creative solutions.

Today I had a really important presentation at 12.30 -= I had already alerted Nell that her Luddite Dad was going to need her help.

When I sent through the material I needed her to work on there waas no complaint, no mention of the problems she was encountering.

My meeting was at 12.30. Nell delivered. The (my) client was ecstatic - really.

OK, she is my daughter, but despite that she is extraordinary.
Love you Nell.
Dad (or Ciaran)

Mrs. Mustard said...

Pi is exactly 3!

There. That should clear everything up.

Mrs. Mustard

andi said...

Classic ending. Best of luck cleaning - I have given up all hope over here.

andi from Poot and Cubby

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Poor laptop, poor you.

A night without children sounds lovely, however.

Cathy said...

Poor laptop. Poor you!

I am so with you on the bigging whopping 0 for guest room availability!

Carrie Sue said...

Oh math, I didn't think we needed that when we grew up... so much for that philosophy! Your kids picture below is adorable. Welcome back, I missed you!

thordora said...

Merry Christmas!