30 December 2007

introducing... Did You Know?

with Freya Root.

(occasionally edited for clarity by me)

Do you know what is inside the moon?


That's right! Worms.

Yup, both kinds of worms live in the moon - good guy worms and bad guy worms.

The good guy worms eat the bad guys, but not their guts.

They don't like the guts so they make them into a big pile, and then after they eat the bodies they eat the guts for dessert. But some of them don't have any dessert.

The good guy worms are pink and blue, like this:

The bad guys worms are black and white, like this:

Sometimes the bad guys worms eat the good guy worms because they taste good, but they also make a pile of guts for later.

The moon gets eaten, but then the good guy worms save the moon so we can still see it and they save all the people's lives. The End.


Steve said...

the good-guy worms put all the bad-guy worms guts in a pile and then eat the bodies, Then some of them eat the guts for dessert, but not all the good-guys like to eat the guts, so just some of them do.

Cathy said...

So that explains the moon's phases!

Anonymous said...

If the good guy worms are blue and pink, why does the moon look gray (like a mix of the black and white bad worms)?

Anonymous said...

It looks like she likes using Paint as much as Elliot does.


Jenn said...

That's a lot of worms. And even more worm guts. Mmmm...yummy!