26 November 2008

And Then She Was Four

Freya is four today. Of course she woke up early and, having slept in her dress, she was ready to open birthday presents. First though, she let Matilda read her the cards.

Then she got down to work.

It's a pigeon!

And she loved her puzzle.

Even though it took a long time to put together since she had to try every piece in every spot regardless of color or shape.

It was still good.

And so it goes: I have no more babies to call my own, which is fine with me since our new neighbors (who will be joining us later for make-your-own pizza night) have a very cute one that I can borrow and big girls are way more fun than babies anyway. Especially when they play for hours with their Barbies, fairies, pigeons and Transformers in a game that involves cross-dressing, evil stepmothers, pirates and clowns.

Happy Birthday, Freya!


Misty said...

borrowing babies is wonderful... Happy birthday to YOUR baby!

Tracey said...

That is enough to make a fairy godmother cry. Literally. She looks sooooo much like you! Especially in that last picture.

nova said...

Oh, I'm late to say this, but happy birthday to her!

And cross-dressing, evil stepmothers, pirates, and clowns...? Can I play?

Ciaran said...

Are you sure that's a pigeon?

i bet your-friend-on-the-floor-with-no-shoes would send a birthday gift if he could remember how o get back there.

Love you all.