20 February 2009

Again with the planning, always with the planning.

I had thought I'd stay here to do the PhD, but now that we're here I'm not sure this is the place for us. The East coast calls to me and I don't think we should stay gone for so long.

The problem is that there really aren't any Creative Writing PhDs on the East coast and so if I want a PhD I'm going to have to get one in Literature, which isn't the worst thing I could do, I would just have to be careful not to let the creative writer part of me get lost along the way. I'd like to say it wouldn't, that it's strong enough, but I know that's not true, it'd be all too easy to let things slide.

The best would be if I could manage to get into Cornell University's MFA/PhD program, and even though I know that my odds are slim, I'm determined to do everything I can to be the best applicant I can. My list of things to do before next fall now look a little overwhelming, and that's why I'm going to put it here and then ignore it for a little while (but not too long):
  • retake GRE and GRE Subject Test (ugh)
  • write an excellent critical writing sample (in a class that I'm taking now)
  • publish my creative work (more than one story if possible)
  • write the best personal statement ever (this might be the hardest part)
  • review the work of Cornell faculty
  • find at least five other programs I'd like to be in
That's it for now.

In other news Matilda seems to have completely settled in to her new school now. She sold the most girl scout cookies of anyone in her group and loves loves loves her first grade teacher who told me yesterday that she was worried about living up to the high standards set by Matilda's kindergarten teacher but knew she had arrived when, about three months into the school year, Matilda hugged her and said, "You're as good as Mrs. Campbell." I don't know how long our great luck with teachers can hold out, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Tracey said...

Good luck! And when it comes time to write all that stuff, just think, "that would Dewar-die do?' personally, I would love to have you guys closer.

Momma Magpie said...

Wow. I wish you the best in getting through the app process. I think you'll be an outstanding applicant.

Matilda is so sweet-- I bet she'll be the teachers pet wherever she goes.