15 July 2009

and Back Again

My recent trip to the East coast has left me feeling more things than I can fit in a single blog post: my dear friend Elizabeth's (see Liz, I'm trying) wedding was absolutely beautiful; I saw family and friends who make me feel like I belong somewhere; I thought and talked about what I (we) want to do next; and didn't stop moving for more than 15 minutes during the entire week-long trip. It might be weeks before I can process all of this stuff.

I tend to feel isolated in Columbia; sure, I've made friends, but in Berkshire County, that's where my people are, you know? I don't know where we'll end up next, and probably won't for a while yet, but I do know that I am determined not to let the people I love slip out of my life. I need them (you) more than even I realize most of the time.

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