23 July 2009

Ferd's Been Taking Some Risks Lately

Freya's been very supportive, but it's taking its toll.

First we caught her bungee jumping on the playground.

Her explanation was pretty weak: the cool kids?

Come on; heard it.

When she came home with her make-up all askew we confronted her.

She said she just wanted the Barbies to like her.

We said we understood.

Lately she's been keeping to herself a lot, just going outside, swinging.

We got her into a support group, but she stopped going after a week.

She's been sleeping a lot.

I suppose we should have known there was a problem two years ago in Maine.

She told us she had it under control.

Who are you going to believe?

Your seven-year-old photographer, or her plastic babydoll?

1 comment:

Jen said...

I find this equal parts adorable and hilarious with just a smidgen of disturbing thrown in for good measure.