18 July 2009

It's All Good

So it turns out that one of the things that happens when you don't get married is you also don't have wedding anniversaries (who knew?). It's actually pretty convenient; there's nothing to remember or forget, no disappointed partner moping around, waiting for you to remember that you forgot, and also, if you decide you want one, you can just have one whenever you want!

Yesterday was our anniversary.

We drank some wine and hung out and had a really relaxing evening. The weather here has been just perfect - we might not adore the state of Missouri, but it sure knows how to do summer - and the balcony off our bedroom is lovely in the evening.

The best part is that we talked, like really talked, about big stuff that we've been ignoring for a while now - my guilt over making everyone move to Missouri, what he wants to do with the future, where we might end up, or not end up - and it was good. I still feel a little guilty for dragging my family halfway across the country, but better, definitely better, and it's not forever; we might not end up home just yet, but it seems less and less likely that we'll be staying here.

In any case, I highly recommend anniversaries as excuses for just about anything and think that I like the flex-i-versary kind the best, because I (or he) can decide when they are, and that way they can come on just the right day.


Naomi said...

Hi, Nell! Congrats on your anniversary. :) Hope your summer's going well!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nell, happy anniversary!

Tracey said...

So if 3 of your blogs in a row make me want to cry, is it that I'm emotional or that you are? It was great to see you, even though we were both exhausted. Love you!