09 June 2010

Going through the old iPhoto archive and dancing in the rain

Matilda and I in our apartment in Housatonic.

Freya and something that is probably finely milled spinach.

Gotta hold onto that new baby sister, there's no telling what she might do next.

Matilda and Aurora during Matilda's very short lived ballet career.

Matilda and a garter snake outside Rachel Dworkin's house in Hillsdale, NY.

The girls with Aurora on our back porch in Pittsfield.

Picking flowers in Clapp Park.

Best. Mud puddle. Ever.

Freya and Eden on the Maine coast.

Does this one need a caption? She's a rock star.

Ditto: substituting "diva" for "rock star".

Steve and the girls at Rock Bridge State Park last summer.

Let me introduce you to "the look."

Freya and her Tracey this past Christmas at my mother's apartment in Great Barrington.

This morning, dancing in the rain outside our apartment in Columbia, MO. It was a perfectly lovely thunderstorm and when Matilda wistfully said, "I wish I could play in the rain," I only wished I'd thought of it first.

Two very wet children.

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