10 August 2010

Matilda's Year of Living the Suburban American Dream: Part One

Except for a few hours of sleep each night, this is more or less the first time I have sat down since 7am Saturday morning when we started moving boxes out the door and down the stairs in preparation for the moving truck at 8. Say what you will about mid-Missouri (and believe me, I do), but I have fantastic friends who toiled for hours in 80-90 degree heat to help Steve and the girls and I move all of our worldly possessions across town.

The new place is nice, not from the outside perhaps, where the gray board siding matches the other houses on our little street exactly, but inside we've got three bedrooms, a fireplace, a garage and kitchen with actual counter space. This marks the first time in their young lives that Matilda and Freya have had separate bedrooms. And for Matilda, my 8-going-on-15-year-old, also her own bathroom. Crazy, I know. We didn't even realize that one of the bedrooms had a private bath until we got our keys Friday evening, and we could have taken that room, but the one down the hall was a little bigger and I kind of like having enough room to walk between my desk and my bed without tripping over the chair.

So Matilda has her own room, which she immediately organized and arranged just so, and her own bathroom. Also, we are within safe (no big streets to cross) walking distance from her best friend here in Missouri, and about half a dozen of her other classmates. We are at the end of a short dead end road which is pretty much perfect for riding bikes and if you walk to the end of our road, then take a left, that road deadends at a town park. I have officially declared the year that we will be living here Matilda's Year of Living the Suburban American Dream. I'll keep you posted on all the dreaming developments as they occur. Or, at the rate I've been going, a few weeks after they occur.