28 March 2007

Reaching Critical Mass

I am feeling better. I spent the morning spring cleaning, it is just so beautiful outside today, I couldn't help moving things from the porch to the garage and back again while the girls rode their trikes around the driveway.

I have decided to skip school tomorrow and feel no guilt about it at all. This is how I am able to clean things that have been waiting to be cleaned for so long that a few more weeks/months would make no difference. Some of the pressure has been alleviated. There is a huge pile of laundry on my unmade bed, the girl's playroom is a total disaster, but I can sit and watch the Daily Show instead of doing anything and it's kind of okay, because I don't have to do anything until next Tuesday.

Actually, that's not really true. Actually, it's not true at all. I have a lot to do before Tuesday, but the point is this: instead of letting my brain reach the boiling point and trying to do everything right-fucking-now, I can take today to relax, and pretend that it will all wait until tomorrow. Which of course it will.

Maybe there's some way I can stall tomorrow's arrival....

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