02 May 2007

Like me... please like me!

In the shower this morning, I am suddenly sixteen again. I catch myself thinking, nay, planning what I will say to my New Friend from the research conference when I see her in class: Should I act casual, be cool, not act like I really liked her? Or should I just lay it out there, ask for her email or something? I image myself saying, "hey you," or "hello new friend." Without warning, my thinking takes a self analytic turn: am I really this desperate for friends?

We moved last summer. New house, new town, new playgroups (wherever they are) and I've been too busy with school to get out and find (never mind attend regularly) knitting groups or book clubs or something. Things People Do.

Time to get busy, find people, seek them out. I will make it my mission. I will not stop until I am surrounded by people, at least one of whom I feel a genuine connection with. The Internet is a good friend, but it can't laugh with me over a glass of wine, make brownies when we should be making dinner, or spontaneously decide to take the kids on a road trip.

I make a decision. I will ask New Friend for her email, maybe even her cell phone number. I will call her. I will tell her that I like her and that I would like to hang out some time.


Stepherz said...

I can soooo relate to your friend dilemma! But I'm terrible about initiating friendships. All of my best friends over the years were gals who were outgoing and initiated things for me. That's kind of sad that I'm such an introvert, but it's just my personality. I think it's wonderful that you are going to ask for her number and e-mail! I bet you guys will be buds in no time.

Thanks for adding me to your bloglist! I saw an incoming link and got all excited! You made my day :-)

nell said...

Thanks Stepherz, and you're welcome, I love your blog, I had to link!

Jennifer said...

Initiating friendships is so hard! I wish it were easy, like in Preschool, but it's just weird and awkward.

Good luck!

Jen said...

Augh, making new friends is so hard! If only you could ask her to come over to your house to play Barbies or something.