02 May 2007

New Developments in the Grad School Saga

Yesterday, Annie gave me a copy of an article by Azita Osanloo entitled "Is the PhD the New MFA?" published in the May/June issue of Poets and Writers in which she discusses several newish PhD programs in creative writing and the impact they might have on writers (with or without MA/MFAs) in the future.

As you can imagine, I got all excited. Then I did a little research and once again I am kicking myself for taking 10 years to get to the BA. It now looks like if I want to get a PhD in creative writing instead of literature I have to suck it up and get the MA/MFA first. Not that this is a huge problem, I'm just impatient, and I have no money, and two kids, and don't want to move twice for school, and I feel old.

This constant influx of new information into my plan is mucking me all up. I wish I could just download all of the available information about grad schools into my brain and then move forward with confidence. I'm tired of adjusting.
UPDATE, FIVE MINUTES LATER: Talk about impatient. I couldn't even wait for an email reply. Turns out I can apply to the program at USC with a BA. Ha!

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