10 May 2007

we will be mean to you so hard


Matilda has dutifully climbed the stairs to begin cleaning the playroom (no easy task at this point). I take Freya onto my lap.

Me: Freya, you really have to try and clean, okay?

Freya: Okay, but mom. I have to tell you something.

Me: What?

Freya: If you be mean, we will be mean to you so hard.

Me: Yikes, so hard?

Freya: Yeah, because you can't be mean or we will be mean to you so hard, so... (gives me the big, meaningful eyes look)... you can't make us clean.

What does this even mean you ask? Does she beat her children? Whip them with sticks? Oh no, the extent of my meanness is quarantining them to their room and refusing to provide them with ice cream cones. What a life.


Stepherz said...

Oh. my. goodness! How adorable. I'm so laughing right now!

Andrea said...

Nell, you might want to sod the ground below their playroom window, I feel an escape attempt coming on.

Lauren 02143! said...

Yeah I was gonna say - you better make sure those windows are securely shut upstairs!!!

Annika said...

I repeated this to Will and I think Freya is his favorite now.