09 June 2007

For Real In About Seven Years, But Starting Today

"It's not a race, Honey," I say to Matilda in the back seat. We have been to dinner at my parent's house and are on our way home. Freya is already passed out.

"But if it was I would win," she replies.

"But, it's not. We could race in the back yard sometime," I tell her.

"We could. I would beat everyone, 'cause I'm really fast. I would beat Freya and Daddy, and you."

"You're fast," I say, "but my legs are longer than yours, which kind of gives me an unfair advantage."

She shrugs. I can hear her shrug. "Yeah," she agrees," but you have lyme disease."

She totally beat me. There was no contest. If it's like this now, what's it gonna be like when she hits those wonderful teenage years?


Jen said...

It's probably way wrong that I found that just a little bit funny in a gaspin/shocked/ohmygod kind of way.

Annika said...

She will outsmart you so hard.

moosh in indy. said...

OUCH, make sure you have some good poop stories for revenge. (You know, if you're into stuff like that)

Queen Heather said...

Oh Casey is onto it there. Totally start blogging about poops and farts for future ammunition!

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Great post!!! Very creative and true!