10 June 2007


SCENE: Matilda and Freya have chosen to sleep on the floor (and I do mean The Floor) of Eden's room rather than the nice cozy bed in Eamon's room.

ME: It's time to go to sleep Til, settle down.

TIL: What are we doing tomorrow?

ME: Andrea said she'd take you guys to the museum.

TIL: Andrea's the best mommy ever.

ME: Yeah, she's pretty good.

TIL: How come she never gets mad?

ME: Um, I guess she's just, uh, magic.

TIL: *sigh* I wish you were magic.


Queen Heather said...

Yeah, i wish I were magic too because I don't get my kicks off of being mad, yk? Maybe if my boys didn't fight ALL of the time, I wouldn't have much to get mad over. haha!

Absolutely Bananas said...

ooh OUCH- those kids know how to hit you where it hurts!

Brillig said...

Um, your friend DOES sound like she's magic! If she's got a secret potion or something, I'd love to know about it! And my kids would be forever grateful...

Andrea said...

Clearly Matilda hasn't spent enough time with me. I think Eden & Eamon would say the same about you. Luckily we get to spend about two full weeks together, I think the "magic" myth will probably dissipate soon after. (also, I was yelling at Eden the next morning about rubbing her dirty hands into my banister because she was mad at me pretty UNmagically, but i don't think Matilda heard me cause it wasn't you yelling at her.)