25 June 2007

Hows about some rockin'?

Yesterday was not the greatest day, oh it had its moments, but I discovered that not one, but two short stories that I submitted were rejected and some other things just seemed kind of blah as well, and I was feeling oh-so-sorry for myself until I was just fell asleep. But then this morning, something amazing happened - The Queen of Shake-Shake gave me this ultra fabulous badge and told me I rock! And Heather's the Queen, so she knows.

As thrilled as I am to be told that I rock, this also means that I now have to pick some Rockin' Girl Bloggers out there, and that part is hard. Really hard, because, I mean, how do I choose? I've been thinking about this all day, in between cleaning mud and feeding children, and I came up with a few that I think rock the hardest.

And even though Megan tagged the people who were tagged with her and she's even more rockin' for breaking the rules, I think I will pick some others, and to all of you who have already been informed of your rockingness, I second it. You rock.

And so do these:

My friend Annika at Through the Looking Glass is a completely rockin' girl blogger. We were friends a long time ago, and lost touch and now, through the wonderful world of the blogosphere and the solidarity that is motherhood, we have reconnected and I adore her. I think one of my favorite memories of us, together, was the summer she worked at GenArt in NYC and I came to help her with a film festival they were doing. We were seventeen and listened to ABBA and Blondie (who Annika was shocked to discover I hadn't already been listening to) and we were probably the youngest girls at the festival and got served at every bar and hit on by every cute guy under forty, and maybe a few over forty too, if I remember correctly. (And I'm pretty sure she's blogged about the experience, but Annika, your links are being weird right now, so when you fix them, I can find it, and link to it.)

I would also like to tag Jenn at Breed 'Em and Weep, who I was lucky enough to get to meet the other day and whose blog posts are the ones that I save for last when working my way through the Google reader list. She's funny and smart and writes like I wish I could. I kept relaying the Lick My Tongue, Twisty story to everyone I met until Steve made me stop, it was just too funny. And when she went on sabbatical a few weeks ago and after a while I had to go poking around in the archives, cause I couldn't wait. I found this post, which was very apt.

And Stepherz, who has the most adorable children and really fun adventures and makes me feel like I can live vicariously through her blog. She was one of the first bloggers that I started reading regularly and her blog just made me feel welcome, you know? This story about her mother was amazing and left me speechless, which is really quite an accomplishment.

There are so many more of you all that my Google Reader overflows with joy every single day, but in choosing only a few I want to make sure that I had a really good reason for tagging each of these Rockin' Girl Bloggers, so there you go guys gals, you rock! Because I say so, and I know.


moosh in indy. said...

Thanks for showing me lick my tounge twisty, I now need to change my undies.

Megan (Velveteen Mind) said...

And dontcha know you are at the top of my list of noms for the next round, too. I'm not done thanking my commenters from Victor Vito, but I realized I had to stop somewhere that day.

That's right, I said "next round." Because I love to break them there rules and fully intend to invoke my nominating powers outside of my acceptance post. I have some ThinkingBlogger noms saved up...

Meanwhile, you so totally rock and congratulations!

Annika said...

OMG! I rock! My links, however, do not rock. Unless it is the rocks I'm going to tie to their feet before throwing them in the east river. That's what I think of my links. Stupid broken links.