25 June 2007

A Sponge Bed of Her Very Own

This evening, after dinner, Matilda informed me that she wants a new bed. But not just any bed...
Matilda: ...a sponge bed.

Me: A what?

Matilda: A sponge bed, made out of sponges.

Me: Um, how would that work?

Matilda: Well, [she explains with hand gestures] first you would go to the store, and buy a lot of sponges. A lot. Then we would lay them out on the floor upstairs so I can sleep on them.

Me: Uh-huh.

Matilda: And then, [more hand gestures], when I wake up, if I want to clean the floor I can just [she mimes picking a sponge up off the floor and cleaning with it, then shrugs] and if I needed a sponge bath, I'd be all set.

She assumes the I'm-all-set-right-now body posture, arms crossed over her chest, leaning back on her heels. She has made her case.

Then she makes the big eyes and moves slowly and creepily toward me.

Matilda: Please, please may I have a sponge bed so I can wash the floor whenever I want?
I am SO tempted to say yes to this request, SO tempted.


Absolutely Bananas said...

wow. THAT is creative thinking. I think she deserves a sponge bed!

Annika said...

My god! It's genius!

Queen Heather said...

See, I'm so brainwashed by my son that when I saw your title I immediately thought of sea sponges

She is one creative girl!

Ewokmama said...

Sounds like perfect blackmail material if you do follow through. You'll have some great pictures.

Cathy said...

I am so familiar with the big eyes.

(and the instinctive cupcake response ... ahem.)

Regarding the sponge bed — excellent idea. She will be a most successful multitasker.

Andrea said...

You should sell this idea to Ikea. Seriously.

karrie said...

How funny!