16 June 2007

In Which Freya Uses Her Amazing Two-Year-Old Logic On Me

The girls were making art this morning, an activity that takes place at least several times a day. It was only 6:47. I wasn't really awake. There hadn't even been any coffee yet. I was reading blogs.

Completely without me seeing her, Freya stuck a couple dozen ladybug stickers to the kitchen table.

Eventually, I noticed them: "Freya, you need to take those off the table. We don't stick stickers on the table."

Freya: "But Mom, they're decorations. Decorations are good."

Me: "Please take them off, I don't want my table decorated."


Freya: (with two handed back-off gesture) "Okay, I will take half of them off."


Absolutely Bananas said...

isn't it amazing how quickly they learn to negotiate, and how to wear you down, and how to creatively get their way? (and by "amazing" I mean SCARY!)

Brillig said...

hahahahaha! That's great! What a little negotiator!