18 June 2007

Suddenly, WHAM! I'm spoon feeding her.

Today Steve took Matilda to work with him, and Freya and I were left alone. We had a good day, a low key day, a day in which I got lots of work done and every time I checked on her she was being good and she'd smile and say, "Go away Mommy, I'm playing," so I'd go away again.

Later that day...

The Scene: About 6PM, kitchen, a little too warm, still just me and my adorably coy and condescending two year old, two bowls of noodles, tofu and broccoli with garlic, pink lemonade.

Freya: I am going to eat ALL my noodles.

Me: Okay, but don't forget you have to eat your tofu and broccoli, too.

Freya: No, I am just going to eat ALL my noodles.

Me: Three tofus, and three broccolies.
(what is the plural of broccoli? broccolae?)

Freya: No. Here's the deal. One tofu and one broccoli.

Me: Um, nooooo.

Freya: That's the deal.

Me: No it's not.

Freya: One tofu and ALL my noodles, that's the really point.

Me: Uh...

Freya: You sillyhead. That's the point.

She ate it eventually, but only when I offered to feed it to her. The more I think about this, the more I realize that she's completely in control of this situation. It's all about maneuvering me where she wants me and then, even as the words, "I never feed you," are actually coming out of my mouth, I find myself lifting the fork to her cute little lips. Damn.

Apparently this is what you get when you name your daughter after a very powerful goddess.


Absolutely Bananas said...

oh my, I think CJ and Freya are cosmically connected. That sounds JUST like some of the mealtimes at our house!

Stepherz said...

I'm sooo loving this post! I'm with you too, my daughter is a little sassafrass. She runs the show, all 36 pounds of her!

thordora said...

I've been having similar conversations, and the weird thing is, I don't really care how much they eat, but there's some kind of knee jerk mom reaction I can't stop, and I end up having conversations like

" Eat a piece. You need protein"
"No Mom, I have enough thank you. But another bun would be nice"
"No....white bread is the devil."
"Protein is bad too Mom"


Crystal said...

Man, I am really nervous about getting to that stage. Maybe we'll skip it just like we skipped the 8 month nursing strike. Yes, I think that's what we'll do (like I have any choice in the matter).

Queen Heather said...

Oh, she's a smart one. "that's the point" bwahahahaha!

I hope you got the smarts real good to deal with that level of intellect in a few years. tehehehe!

Megan (Velveteen Mind) said...

I'm fairly certain that your daughter and my son are soul mates.

"And that's the really point."