18 June 2007

Look--> Steve Airbrushed Me!

No more eight billion freckles, splotchy redness, weird unruly eyebrow hairs, that ultra feminine mustache that I never think about except when I look at pictures of myself in the "Actual Pixels" setting in Photoshop, no circles under my eyes, shiny patches, or weird chin wrinkles. But I still have my crazy hair. Nothing anyone can do about that, not even with the miracle of Photoshop.

The whole thing kinda creeps me out. Thanks, honey.


Steve said...

Actually if you had told me you wanted different hair i could have done that too. :P

nell said...

Heh, thanks. :)

Jen said...

It looks a little bit like one of those kiddie pagent "glamor" shots. Um, but in a good way.

Stepherz said...

I love photoshop, but have never been able to do that fancy stuff to the pics. When I went to NC and met Meghan, she took photos of me and her tot. While she was taking the pic, I pointed out that she should only take pics of my right side, since the zit on my chin took up the whole 2nd half of my face. She said she NEVER takes a picture of someone else without giving them a soft Photoshop touch-up. She wasn't kidding either! When she posted pics of her baby and me on her blog, the zit was GONE. There was no sign it was ever there. Brilliant. There are some flaws that are beautiful and just part of us, and then there are the ones that can GO. Thank goodness for Phtotshop tutorials!

Carrie said...

Keep up the good work.