17 June 2007

Wow, That Was So Mushy I Almost Made MYSELF Puke.

Don't worry, Dad, I still love you, but it's only been about thirty seconds since I posted this and I think my head might explode. Wow. Sorry about that Everyone Else, don't know what came over me.

Oh, and the other father in my life? Steve? He'd kill me himself if I was ever that sappy on his behalf. Thank God. So yeah, honey? I love you, you're a great fucking dad, I mean that, now come here and hold my hair back for me.

I feel like I need to go roll around in the mud swearing to myself to get clean. Okay, stopping now.

1 comment:

Brillig said...

Hahahahahaha. I thought it was sweet... Father's Day will do crazy things to a girl, that's for sure. Hope the mudrolling is going okay. ;-)