13 August 2007

A Day of Twirling! Cutting! and Low Temperatures?

Yes, I am still alive, as are my children. No one has starved to death and they still have all of their toys. What's that? You were hoping for more drama? Well, I'm afraid I don't have much to offer in that department, but here are some pictures from today that cover most of what the girls did while I was busy working. Matilda practiced her hula hoop off and on all day and she is now officially better than me.

Today it was Halloween. Matilda and Freya made little pieces of candy out of paper for me to give them when they came trick-or-treating to my room. (Her costume is from last Halloween - she was half-and-half Cinderella, her idea. Freya was Mulan, but refused to have her picture taken today.)

Not long after that picture was taken, the temperature dropped sharply to something like -4 degrees Fahrenheit, and so the girls dressed more appropriately: in bathrobes and fleece lined hoods.

And while I was trying to be respectful of Freya's wish for anonymity, Matilda had no such reservations and snapped this one, for which I am grateful.

These are the paper dolls that Matilda made today, that's me on the left and Matilda on the right. There was a Freya doll too, but she was afraid that the scanner would steal her little paper soul, so we left her out of it.

Finally, here is some death, I know you've come to expect it from me.

Small Red Playmobil Girl was slain during a break-in at her lower Yellow Living Room apartment early this morning. The culprit remains at large.


Cathy said...

Was already cracking up over the scanner trepidation when I got to the tragic slaying below!

Dare I ask -- are there any suspects?

andi said...

What is going on in your house? Does someone need to perform an exorcism to get rid of all of the evil murderous spirits that so obviously live there?

May Red rest in peace... :)

Annika said...

Matilda's costume is pure genius.

Jenn said...

Those poor, poor paper doll souls.

I think the mummified Barbies did in the little red girl.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I want my kids to play with your kids!!! They have the BEST imaginations!

Jen said...

I can tell that you hate being a mother and that you're very bitter. Why else would you let your kids play all these death games.

(BTW, I'm totally kidding and I love the half and half costume.)

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Your kids are so awesome! What great imaginations!