31 August 2007

Good Old U.S. American Fun

Too tired to actually write. Can only type in brief phrases. With inaccurate. Punctuation. In fact, I can't promise anything! In regards to spelling either. Read the captions below. At own risk!

The beautiful Columbia County Dirt Grounds, I mean Fair Grounds, as viewed from the Ferris Wheel.A picture of Steve and Matilda. Also from the Ferris Wheel.
They don't DO the Ferris Wheel. Apparently.

That's Matilda and her bestest friend Aurora in the third row there. You see them, right? Clinging to the bar on the really really scary mini coaster? They didn't meet any boys, but other than that they're ready to be 14 - right. now.

We were also accompanied by our friends Sheela and Cecelia.
So obviously taking the baby on the spinning tea cups was a given.
The whole point of taking any child to the fair: learning them right: how to balance a corn dog and a bucket of fresh lemonade. Why did you think it came on a stick?

"Look, Freya's following us!"

Poor Freya, all alone. all. the. time. Gotta get that girl some friends.

Of course not sharing has its advantages as well.
Like motorcycles. Make her daddy proud!

Not pictured:
cotton candy
fried dough
the haunted house (dude, don't take five-year-olds in there btw -
it freaks them out - who'd have thought?)
the occasional meltdown by Freya
the incessant bouncing and begging from Tilly and Aurora


Blue Momma said...

It looked like so much fun! My Punkin' would have loved the lemonade and the canoes.

And it wasn't 100 degrees.

Not to keep repeating myself, but God, I miss New England!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Fun times! I totally get the tired and type in brief phrases. And inaccurate, um spelling. Gawd, you can tell I'm stressed when I start typing all crazy. Like excercise? Um yeah. I spellchecked it like 3 times and was convinced it was right even though it looked so wrong. BWahahaha

Poor Freya. She needs her a ya-ya, no?

Jen said...

I'm going to bring Elle over to play with Freya. She (Elle) could use more bad-ass friends.

Cathy said...

I love the fair.

OK, I love fair food. All of it. And the kids just give me more excuses to visit the various vendors.

andi said...

I love you for the title of this post.

Stepherz said...

This post is fantabulous! I love fairs. I love the greasy food, the rides that are put together by scary looking people who are missing teeth, the music (usually Def Leppard or some other loud, obnoxious hair band). The ambiance. Fairs bring great memories.

Last summer we took Austin to the fair. He made Jeremy ride this insane ride that went around & around and upside down 300 times. Jeremy has a stomach of steel. Or so we thought. THe poor guy spent the rest of the day sick as a dog. It was awful! But one of those things we'll always remember and maybe even chuckle a bit over behind poor Jeremy's back! At least he was a good daddy by giving it a try. :-)