29 August 2007

...In Other News

Today I have for you a post full of random bits of information, both mine, and borrowed.

If any of you have not yet viewed Miss South Carolina's answer to one of the most important questions of our time, you should go do that first. It's worth it. I mean, it might be. It's hard to to tell. You'll see what I mean. It's already posted all over the Internet, so I'm not going to re-post, but you can go over here to Kevin's blog and see it there.
* * * * *
Yesterday was my 29th birthday and most of the day was just sort of normal, but with jet lag. But then Steve took me out to a fancy dinner at Pearl's and we had a wonderful kid-free evening with creme brulee. There was other food too, but really, the creme brulee was the important part.

* * * * *
The rest of my L.A. trip was good, we went to Venice Beach and saw a freak show with Andrea. Chupacabra skeletons are awesome! And my flight home was fine, but let me just tell you so you know, United is WAY better than US Airways. The food is better, the service is better, the blankets and little pillows are better, I mean, neither plane crashed, so they both get points in that department, but still. United=yummy organic food, US Airways=plastic cheese.

* * * * *
The Panel will not be making an appearance this week since things just got a little crazy what with Mac's world domination plans and Nancy being away on a big case. But next week they'll be back in force, and you can help choose their topic! Just check whichever ones sound good in the little poll up there in the corner.

* * * * *
Since I promote "sharing" in my house (even though I don't always like to do it myself) I just have to tell you all about my "favorite" new blog: the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks. Dig it. It's really "awesome!"

* * * * *
...And Coming Soon:
  • The Columbia County Fair!
  • Matilda's First Day at Kindergarten!
  • Freya's First Day at Preschool!
  • Lunchboxes!
  • Blog changes!
  • Stay tuned! for More! Exclamation! Marks!
edited to add: Oh yeah, and I finished 100 pages of Paradise Lost while I was gone. Remind me to tell you about it some time.


andi said...

So many comments, so little space. I had heard Miss South Carolina's speech before, but had to go visit it again. You US Americans crack me up!

And I forgot it was your birthday yesterday (because I'm a jerk that way) - happy birthday!

And the quotation marks blog, I "loved" it!

Annika said...

I imagine it would have been at least 120 pages if you hadn't made the mistake of reading several passages aloud, necessitating lengthy breaks to explain it to me.

Jen said...

Happy belated Birthday! And yes, dessert is always the most important part.

I can't watch that video of Ms Teen America. I've heard too much about it and I think actually seeing would be painful.

nova said...

Happy late birthday!

And chupacabra skeletons? Wow, I must find a way to see them one day.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Well happy birthday to you!!

I do love that So. Carolina girl. Stupid people make me laugh.

"I" don't know about you, "but" I love using "quotation marks". I also "love" the CAPS LOCK KEY. Oooh, "italics" are cool, too.

Bananas said...

"Happy" "29th" "Birthday" "a" "bit" "late"!!!!!!

Stepherz said...

First, Happy Birthday! I love birthdays. If you were closer I'd take you to lunch!

Second, the video of Miss South Carolina was a riot. The poor thing. I don't think it's a reflection of how smart she is/isn't, I think it says more about how stressful that interview situation is for some people. It shows how human she is, and I like that. Pretty people are normally so superficial on television. She was completely human-- it's something I would have done!

I want to go to LA. Never been, but it sounds like a really neat place.