15 September 2007

My life, it has been returned to me...

Last week:

Drive Matilda to school: 5 minutes.

Drive Steve to work and *Freya to school: 30 minutes.

Drive back to pick up Matilda at 11:freaking:30: 35 minutes.

Drive home: 5 minutes.

*Drive to pick up Freya from school at 1pm: 30 minutes.

*Drive home: 30 minutes.

Drive back to pick Steve up at 6pm: 30 minutes.

Drive home again in time to make and eat dinner and put the children to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour: 30 minutes.

Total driving per day: 2 hours and 15 minutes!
(*3 hours and 15 minutes on Thursdays and Fridays!)

This week:

Drive Matilda to school: 5 minutes.

Drive home: 5 minutes.

Pick Matilda up at 11:30: 5 minutes.

Drive home: 5 minutes.

Total driving per day: 20 minutes!

What a difference a car makes. Look at it, isn't it pretty?
Too bad I hardly ever have to drive it now!

Also you can see how the leaves are starting to change on our Maple tree. I'm trying not to see it, but you are welcome to look if you like.

And one more thing: If you have time (come on, I know you do) please send a card to Blue Momma's Granny who needs to feel that she is loved right now. Read all about it here.


Ciaran said...

Don't you think we need to be a little more
precise than Blue Momma's Granny in addressing the card?

nell said...

Yes, that's why you should go over to her blog and read the post, where more specific directions will be given to you, Father Dearest.

Or I guess I can just tell you tomorrow.

Ciaran said...

Isn't it wonderful to have such a smart daughter!
I didn't get past the Vincent's Hopspital.
Is everyone/everything there named Vincent?

Annie said...

I had the same reaction! I was certain I was misreading or that the address was incorrect... the hospital, the street name, the granny's name . .

andi said...

Ooh, sweet ride. And I'm going to pick up a card today for granny.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Leaves are changing already? Unreal. I'm still in shorts and tanks.

Jennifer T said...

I'm very confused. Why did driving take so much longer before?

And where did your old car go?

And no more stickers? Whose gonna be a dirty hippie with me? (Which is ironic, because I just wrote a blog post about how I got in trouble for my stickers at work. I'll tell you about it.)