16 September 2007

Soap Opera Sunday: Episode Three - Stalking, it's Not Just for Psychos!

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Summer in Berkshire County is a time of tourists and keggers, tank tops and flip flops and carefree summer fun, and N planned to take full advantage of the fact that she would be gone in six weeks. But there was a problem. While the fact remains that all's fair in love and war, there are a few unspoken rules that the more honorable among us try to follow. One of these rules is Thou Shalt Not Date Thy Friend's Ex, otherwise known as Bros before Hos, Dude.

Yes, S was friends with the old boyfriend and was determined, for better or worse to have nothing whatsoever to do with N.

But N was having none of that. She was also determined and S was about to discover just how fruitless it was to try to keep N from getting what she wanted. Over the next few week, N initiated a coordinated stalking campaign, designed specifically to convince S to ignore the Rule and give her a chance.

N dragged her brother to town with her and made him walk seven times around the block with her before they "ran into" S. The three of them went to see a movie together: The Perfect Storm, possibly the worst movie ever made, and it was almost a first date, but since N had brought her kid brother, the romance was not really invited.

Another day N dropped off her comic book collection at S's house, for one of his roommates to read. She had discovered a few years back that boys really dug girls who were into comic books, and having found her niche, had cultivated a collection large enough to get attention. S seemed impressed, but still kept his distance.

She hung out where he worked, hung out where she thought he might be, smiled, wore cute short skirts, and generally stalked him for at least a whole week, maybe longer, she can't remember.

The crowning achievement of N's extensive stalking campaign was a party. A party designed specifically to bring her together with S.

Plotting with a friend at work, N decided that the only way she was ever going to really get to spend enough time with S to convince him to give her a chance was to invite him to a party, and since there were none already planned, the solution was clear: they had to make one.

So make one they did. N bought a case of beer, and proceeded to make the rounds in town, inviting everyone she saw, including S. She shrugged as she invited him, pretending it was no big deal, but as she stood talking to him she could barely breathe, and her stomach felt all funny.

Everything went as planned, the party started, people kept on showing up, and bringing more beer. When S arrived, N watched him scan the room, until he saw her and made his way across the kitchen to where she was trying hard to look like she hadn't been waiting for him.

It looked like her plan was working perfectly, but later that night everything was nearly ruined by an encounter with... the ex-boyfriend.

Nest Week: Worlds collide! At three o'clock in the morning!
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Thalia's Child said...

Love it. I think all girls are guilty of manipulating the circumstances a little in order to 'bump into' the object of their desire.

Looking forward to more!

Dedee said...

Oh the number of times I conveniently ran into someone I liked.

Love it.

Kimberly said...

Oooo, the stories I could tell about similar situations. The stalking that is, not the cliffhanger you left us with.

Next week is too far away!

Brillig said...

Oh, you go, girl. I love your manipulation. And he is simply... lovely. Well done. Can't wait for more!!

Jen said...

LOVE your writing! I loved the title, and man, I can so remember those days. Teens really do rule the world, don't they? I really think they should be left to solve the world's problems. And I loved that "just run into" thing. I SO did that!

Great, great story. Can't wait for next week!

soccer mom in denial said...

I can just smell summer in this. You are such fun to read!

andi said...

You are a cunning one and I like it. :)

anno said...

oooooh! I like! Eager to read the next installment!

Cathy said...

A week until we hear about the ex encounter ...?!


Suma said...

Ya, i think so...every girl will do that...


Fourier Analyst said...

Great way to keep us coming back for more!! Teenage stalking, aah, that brings back memories! Great story!