02 September 2007

"Okay, Mommy"

You know you are fighting a losing battle when you have a talk with your children about cleaning their playroom, making sure to emphasize that toys left on the floor will disappear into a black hole, never to return and this happens:

The children nod and say encouraging things like, "Okay, Mom, we understand," and you think everything is going to work out this time.

But then, as you turn to go back downstairs, before you have even vanished from their line of sight, the little one says, "Come on Matilda, let's keep playing."

When you turn back to remind them how serious you are, they smile and nod with such sincerity that you really, really want to believe them. Then they stand perfectly still until you reach the bottom of the stairs, at which point, you clearly hear them scurrying off to play.

Sigh. I just can't win. I'm thinking the only way is just to never go upstairs ever again. They can come down for food and drinks and to use the bathroom, and other than that they can just stay upstairs and I can stay downstairs. It'll be kind of like having two roommates with whom Steve and I share the fridge and that's about it.


andi said...

I love it that they are already starting to humor you. I too plan on having the children as roommates. Someday they will sleep in a developed basement only to emerge for meals. A girl can dream can't she?

C'tina said...

This a constant battle at my house. They seem to do better when I tell them to pick an area to start with, say under the table, and do one section at a time. Or pick up all the legos first, them start on the nerf darts, then books, games, etc. Since my boys are SO competitive, "Ohh, who is the fastest!!?? Who's gonna get the most!!??" works on occasion..if all else fails..no tv till it's all picked up!

Cathy said...

Don't you just love their wide-eyed reassurances that they are absolutely going to do what you've asked?


Oh, The Joys said...

Well... are you serious? Would you really take all the toys away? I'm sure they know the answer.

Jenn said...

I have finally given up the bedroom battle. I just require the clothes be in the hamper and the door closed ALL the time if they insist on living like little hogs.

I also reserve the right to purge EVERYTHING should any foul smells begin emitting from said bedrooms. So far, no bad smells. And it's amazing what kids will do on their own when they can't find their favorite something or another when they want it.

What has been the biggest help in keeping the clutter basically under control? Nothing new in without something old going out. So, want a new toy? Then pick one you already have and we give it away BEFORE the new one arrives.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Downstairs parenting.

Sounds like a great plan to me!