25 September 2007

running, jumping, climbing trees... not just for tomboys anymore

My nephew came over for a couple of hours today. He and Matilda adore each other and play really well together, Freya was a little left out, and sometimes she got a little squished, but she hung in there.

Matilda and her cousin are the same age, born only thirty days apart. And they are so different from each other. In the three hours that he was here they did about a million different things, most of which involved climbing, wrestling, jumping, or running.

I know it's a stereotype to say that boys are wilder than girls, but as far as I can tell, it's true, at least when it comes to Matilda and my nephew. The boy was literally bouncing off the walls, running through doors and climbing things the entire time he was here.

I seriously don't know how his parents cope with him. He's a wonderful, smart, loving kid, but man, just thinking about what he might jump off of next was enough to make my shoulders as tight as steel. I guess I am just too used to my girls who, while they enjoy a good "let's wrestle while we go down the slide and then jump off" game once in a while, also spend hours serving tea to each of their dolls and stuffed animals.

Next time he comes over I'll be ready. I'll set up some huge project in the backyard, something that involves throwing things, poking sticks in the dirt, and a lot of running around...


beta mom said...

Having one of each - I can definitely say it's true. Boys run until they crash into things. Girls figure out how to get boys to run until they crash into things.

Of course, having an older brother means my 5 year old daughter also runs until she crashes into things...while wearing a princess dress.

Jessica said...

I am just waiting for the day when my son climbs onto something and jumps off...however I fear he will only do it because he is following his big sister. So far he is pretty chill, but people tell me that boys are crazy...I'll let you know in a year or two whether I agree!

Candace said...

I have one of each too. my daughter sat fat and happy till 16 months. my 16 month old skinny son burns off every calorie. Wish I could do that chasing after him!

Jenn said...

I think its genetics, too, not just gender. My daughter is EXACTLY like I was. No fear. She runs, jumps from heights that frighten me, leaps off things, climbs trees, rides her bike like a madwoman, bounces off of crap, catches spiders, runs like a madwoman through the house and outside.

She is 100% tomboy. Who occasionally likes to dress up like a fairy princess and wear a sparkly crown.