18 October 2007

Naked Desperation


me: Oh there you are, I thought you guys were done at 3:30.

him: We went out for a beer. It's what you do after conference thingies.

me: Oh is it? Hmm, I had a conference with Freya today, we didn't go have a beer after.

him: You didn't?

me: No, I didn't realize that was what you people did, you people who don't work at the same place where you live. Is that what you do?

him: You know, it would be nice to come home to hi, I missed you, how was your day, sometimes.

me: Oh, would it? Dinner on the table, whiskey on the rocks, me in some heels?

him: You know what I mean.

me: Oh, I'm sorry, is being greeted by my naked desperation on a daily basis getting to you darling? Because if it is... well... you might just have to deal.

him: I'm being kind of serious.

me: Me too. It ain't easy you know.

him: I know. I'd stay home if I could.

me: I know. I'll try to tone down the desperation once in a while. Like maybe I can just bare my desperation every other day or something...

him. Or alternate Thursdays.

me: Don't push your luck.

*disclosure: these things were spoken in the loving spirit of jest - the kind that comes with an edge - and also they are paraphrased. I'm working on the photographic memory, but it's not going very well.


Annie said...

Ha ha! Time for Mommy to escape and leave the reigns in Daddy's hands for just one day, one whole day. Let's see how naked his desperation gets ;)

Ewokmama said...

I know this conversation well, except we both have the naked desperation going on in our house (because he stays home 2x a week, and because I breastfeed).

Cathy said...

Jest with an edge.

I know exactly what that is.

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

I have had this very conversation. It's thinly veiled in humor, but the truth is in there.

Mrs. Mustard said...

Did you put a bug in our house? Are our phone lines crossed? Seriously...

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Ack...I know this conversation personally.

Hey Nell, after you do school pick up, feel free to have a beer once you get home. Do you have a bar in your kitchen? Because if you use your imagination....

And just because I want to share some Mike Rowe google pervs with you, I just typed his name. Now you too will get hits for Mike Rowe Naked. Enjoy!

andi said...

That whole "I'd stay home if I could" thing is such a load of sh*t. Jay gave me that with child #1, but doesn't even try to say it with #2. We both know he'd go insane.

We also joke about these things (usually it involves one of us saying as we're leaving - "See you later - if you're lucky"). Do you think our children will be forever scarred with our joking about abandoning them? Ah, well. Dark humor is all that keeps me going some days.

Annika said...

I don't even hold on to my desperation until he gets home. I call him starting around lunchtime and beg him to come home. I cry and everything.