12 October 2007

Tracing the madness of the past week or two.

Last week I moved everything out of our bedroom so that I could tear up the carpet. (Thereby preventing a flea infestation.) This seemed like a good idea at the time, but really, it just made me so tired that by the time everything was crammed in the living room...

...that I couldn't even tear up a tiny little corner. On Friday, after several days of living like refugees, Steve made me the offer of a lifetime: if I took the girls to Boston for the weekend, he would tear up the carpet and put all our stuff back.

I swooned. Then I left all this: (that's Borax on the carpet, btw. It's supposed to kill fleas.)

packed up the car and took the girls to Boston! We stayed with one of my oldest and dearest friends in her adorable new apartment and had a great, relaxing couple of days.

First we went to the Boston Children's Museum:

For dinner, Lauren made us the hugest meatballs known to man and we just hung around. In the morning we had breakfast with more dear friends and my big little brother.

Then we went to the Museum of Science:

Finally we drove home, tired and happy on Monday night, and were greeted by this:

Hardwood floors! (Which was a surprise - when we bought the house last summer, the agent told us this room had plywood.)

And space! Beautiful space! I didn't know how much I missed it until it was back again.

It was truly a lovely weekend.

But then there was Tuesday. Ugh. Tuesday. It was just one of those off days in which I yelled too much and the girls and I all ended our day in tears. There's been a build up of stuff happening in my life lately: trying to find the right graduate program, adjusting to kindergarten and pre-school schedules, still doing my work, trying to write, keeping the house clean, juggling finances, you know, stuff.

Which brings us to the meme! The one I posted on Tuesday? Because I was just too overwhelmed to write a "real post?" I have the best readers ever. Seriously, I love you guys! I love the fact that you all refused to believe that someone as awesome as me could be the girl who let the cool kids copy her homework. Thanks. But actually, that one was true. The one that wasn't true was the four kids one. I'm done, so done. I love the two I have but... you know, there's all that other stuff. And we have a winner! Amy, from Milk Breath and Margaritas guessed right! You don't actually win anything, Amy, but isn't knowing you were right its own reward?

And I think that's about it. I'll let you know how it goes at Burger King next week, and leave you with some cowgirls:


Carrie said...

Nice floors, hard woods are the best. I wish I had them in my bedroom, too, but I can guarantee there is plywood under my carpet. Bummer.

BTW nice blog.

Lauren 02143! said...

Dude - LOVE the floors!!! And of course the home improvement offer still stands if you need me at any time!

Blue Momma said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I so envy you having Boston within driving distance.

And Steve? Yeaaaaaay Steve!

Maureen said...

Oh I WISH I had hardwood floors too... I am hoping that by neglecting my carpets so much, they will soon run away from home on their own and we will be forced to finally shell out for hardwood...

Cathy said...

I love the wood floors. So much easier to care for! And what a man -- sending you to Boston while he did the revamp -- gotta love him for that.

Love Boston. Hearing about your visit, however, is making me crave seafood. Hard to come by here in Arkansas.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Great floors! And what a treat...a weekend away.

Amy said...

I WIN! I WIN! I'm such a great guesser, I guess. OK, Steve totally rocks. You get to go to Boston (I LOVE Boston) and come home to hardwood floors while he stays and does the crap work and cleans up? Seriously, tell him he rocks!

andi said...

Your house is adorable. I wish I lived close to somewhere cool like Boston. We don't have a fun children's museum, all we have is a ridiculously large mall. All the more reason for me to visit soon.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Nice floors. I also love the trim on the doorway - very nice touch.