24 January 2008

When you were a baby I have no idea what you did.

This week at Freya's school they are going to be talking about growing up, and things that they used to do when they were babies. Each child has been asked to bring in a picture of themselves when they were a baby and a story about something that they did or something that happened when they were a baby.

The picture is no problem. Unlike many poor second-born children of the past, Freya was lucky enough to be born the same year that I got my first digital camera, so yay for her, she has at least as many photos as her big sister.

But what has she done since she was born? Where has she been? I have no idea.

One would think - since Freya's only three - that it wouldn't be that hard to remember what has happened during her short lifetime, but alas, as the world's worst mother (or at least the most forgetful) I can barely remember anything!

We started talking about it at dinner tonight, and every time I thought I had something I was met with these responses:

That was Matilda.

Mom! That was only a couple months ago!

That was Matilda.

That was yesterday.

That was Matilda.

And on it went until at last I was able to remember a few things. There was the time with the stove and the knife and the sugar bowl, when she was a baby she cried a lot, she ate sand at the beach and she loved her e as much then as she does now.

While I might not remember everything she's done, I sure do love that kid. She's sinister in the best possible way, spirited and musical, whimsical and determined. I might remember that Matilda ate a necklace of mine once, that she loved to steal food off of other peoples plates and wear sunglasses all the time. I might be able to tell you how old Matilda was when she got her first tooth, I know when she said her first word and what it was.

Poor Freya, it's a good thing she has a digital trail to prove that she's been around for three whole years.


beta mom said...

I love the big kid picture. She's taking names and kicking ass.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Poor, poor Freya. As a second daughter myself, I feel her pain.

Cathy said...

Me guilty too.

*head hung low in shame*

Stepherz said...

Very sweet post! Austin is going on 13. I have forgotten so much about his babyhood. I have pictures, but not enough as that was before digital cameras. I do remember that he was (is) an amazing kiddo. I do wish I would have documented all of those firsts.

Your girls are beautiful and bright. I love reading about them!

Anonymous said...

Aw, the poor neglected second child. I have one of those too.


Jen said...

Augh, I do the exact same thing with my poor Elle Belly. I always swear that I'm going to remember everything she does but then two days later I forget it all. And I'm so bad about taking pictures that there's barely even digital proof that she exists.

Now I feel bad.

Jerseygirl89 said...

As long as you've got pictures, you can make stuff up.