28 February 2008

3:38 - 5:37

Matilda and Freya both came down at 3:38 this morning.

"What happened?"

"I had a scary dream."

"What about Freya?"

"She had one too."

It is now 5:37 and the last two hours have been filled with dreams of the two of them – coming down, then being taken back to their room which is of course a completely different room from the one in which they actually sleep. Once, Freya was there, sleeping, then awake, another time the bed – a blanket spread across the floor – was covered with legos, tiny, tiny legos that more closely resembled dirt than toys. Another time I went up there to sleep myself, and my mother was there, didn’t understand why I wouldn’t just sleep with the children, or let them be awake. Also there was a part in which I had somehow gotten pregnant and everyone knew it but me.

I did not sleep much, or well. I get crowded when they come into the bed and my sleep is restless. Of course I was also nearly falling off the bed for two hours. I like sleeping on the outside edge, but when the bed is full of children Steve’s side next to the wall has some advantages.

On the other hand, I have been getting up early to write before the house is full of demands and responsibilities, so 5:37 isn't really too bad. At least this way I can be guaranteed at least another hour of silence and solitude.


Jen said...

This is creepy. I also had a dream about tiny legos last night. Mind meld!

Amy said...

You get up early to write? I love that. I wish I was a morning person and could do that. I would fall asleep after two sentences!

andi said...

I need to start getting up early to write. That would be a far better way to start the day than a certain someone storming into my room and demanding, "We go downstairs, NOW!"

Jerseygirl89 said...

I wish I could get up early like that, but it only works for me once in a great while. Good for you!