16 February 2008

Updates and Last Minute News

Okay, so first of all, there will be no Cornell. I got the letter today and was surprised to feel almost nothing after reading it. Maybe later, but best I can tell I never really thought I'd get in anyway and am too excited about my other prospects to be disappointed. In any case, I've no time to linger on that now.

Tomorrow we leave, Fionn and Matilda and I, barely recovered from this most recent case of the plague that swept over us all this past week like a steamroller from hell.

First stop Ohio University to meet with important people and explore Athens a bit.

Then lunch! with her! and her! and I just know it will be so much fun! (Andi - I'll make it all the way up to Canada someday, I swear.)

Then on to Missouri where they're begging me to join their program (well, okay, not begging exactly) and more meetings and a poetry reading.

I'm going to skip Nebraska this time, due to time and money and this awful plague, but I have not forgotten it. We'll see what happens.

I'll try to post pictures and/or updates as I go, but I expect access to the interwebs to be spotty at best. In the meantime, avoid the terrible plague and have a wonderful time while I'm gone, I'll be back soon!


Annika said...

Alas, I already have the plague. And I am so jealous of your roadtrip. I bet Fionn and Matilda will be the best car buddies ever.

Mamma said...

Safe travels!!

Annie said...

Cornell is the loser. Too bad for them. Travel well and safely, and have the best fun. Til, you are a lucky girl! Draw tons of pictures of what happens on this trip. I can't imagine what my life would have been like had I traveled at the age of 5 with my mother and uncle across the country so that my Mom could take a look at the grad schools to which she had applied. Nell, you are so cool. Have an amazing time. I can't wait to hear about it in detail over dinner at Brix on me when you get home. with tons and tons of admiration, X Annie

Cathy said...

Plague's been here too. Ugh. I'll be so glad when spring arrives.

The roadtrip sounds wonderful! Post lots of pics...

Thalia's Child said...

Have fun!

And when you come to Canada, you can come visit me too! :D

Anonymous said...

You know I'm going to hold you to that, my dear.

Have fun without me (when Jennifer told me I couldn't believe it!) I'm seething with jealousy - seething, I tell you. My 3 favorite girls in one room and I'm MIA. So, so sad.


moosh in indy. said...

I'll make Ohio look like the middle of Kansas I'm that awesome.
Or so I'd like to think.

Anonymous said...

I think Andi and I need to start our own blogging luncheons. Cucumber sandwich anyone?

Thalia's Child said...

I came back to post again - there's an award waiting for you at my blog.

Amy said...

SO jealous of your lunch date!

You'll love Ohio U. Well, based on my memory of it as it was in 1985 anyway. I was accepted there as a dance major, toured around with my parents. It was adorable!

Have you thought of the writing school at Iowa? I'd love to do one of their summer programs, even though I'm not a writer.

Cornell LOSES! You rock. It'll all work out the way it's supposed to.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

owjdj ds e op l;' adsncx o JJKDS

(that's from the little green monster rearing its head. do you want me to translate? prolly not)

Misty said...

i love your blog. I loved your Valentine post. I love this post. I am swept up in the excitement of your journey, and feel a little connected to you because I have the crappy plague myself... hmmm... well, maybe not the plague, but as the day progresses, it feels like it.