31 March 2008

In the Car

Freya: Mom, you remember how Felicity's grandad died in that movie we saw?

Me: Yeah

Freya: I think I know why.

Me: Oh yeah?

Freya: Maybe all his bones fell out.

Me: Um, I think that's unlikely.

Freya: But then how come he died?

Me: Well, he was old and his heart was very sick.

Freya: But don't you need your bones to live?

Me: Well yes, but that's not why he died.

Freya: Oh. Well, when I get really old probably all my bones will fall out and I'll die.

Me: You think?

Freya: Yeah probably.

Me: I don't think that's something that usually happens to people. That would be pretty weird.

Freya: Can I get a lolly pop at the bank?


Mamma said...

I love how they get things in their head.

Annika said...

Oh great. Now I am going to worry about my bones falling out.

Jen said...

She's so weird. (I mean that in a totally good way.)

Cathy said...


Misty said...

did you ever find out where that thought came from? That's pretty wild and precious!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Nell, haven't you learned yet not to argue with crazy?

Annie said...

Nell, I love the dismissal when the information doesn't conform to her idea! She's formidable - and so dear. A -

andi said...

Oh, how she reminds me of Elliot. I love the total immersion into a deep topic of conversation and then, bam, we're talking candy. Hilarious.

Maureen said...

Wow, the things kids think about... where the heck would she get that idea?

Love the 180 on a dime.